Power & Energy Solutions Division

Delivering peace of mind.


Power & Energy Solutions:  CEI’s Power and Energy Solutions division is focused on the development and deployment of efficient and sustainable distributive energy infrastructure support solutions.


By making use of the V2 “proprietary” intelligent Battery Management System (iBMS) for managing Lithium-ion batteries, combined with our over five decades of technical knowledge, industry relationships and manufacturing skills we take a modular integrated systems design approach to create, safe, durable, one-of-a-kind application specific solutions to collect, store, distribute, and utilize electric energy to power products and propel vehicles.


Why are CEI Power & Energy Solutions different?  CEI focuses on the process of designing, prototyping and manufacturing application specific energy storage systems and solutions. 


Technology agnostic and fiercely objective, this approach enables us to deliver the most effective and cost efficient energy solutions possible by product and industry.


By assembling energy storage systems based upon our scalable and programmable iBMS with the “best in class”  lithium based battery cells, each product or system is designed to out-perform the industry standard with regard to function, safety and durability.


Available in 4 categories each system is optimized by application or industry in order to insure that it out performs the industry standard with regard to performance, safety and cost of ownership (data sheets coming soon).


  • 12V Portable:  250Wh, 500Wh, 750Wh, 1,250Wh & 2,500Wh


  • 24V Portable:  500Wh, 1,000Wh, 1,500Wh, 2,500Wh & 5,000Wh


  • Rack Mount Systems:  500Wh, 1,000Wh, 1,500Wh, 2,500Wh


  • System-Based Solutions:  250Wh to in excess 30kWh without any modification to our iBMS that serves as the center piece of our intelligent Energy Storage Systems (iESS) and system-based solutions.


    *  Additional sizes available

Industries and Applications:


  • Portable and Semi-Stationary Power Systems: disaster relief, emergency response, construction, residential, kiosks, residential and commercial solar, solar lighting, data centers, UPS, recreational, etc.


  • Emergency Response & National Security: Police, Fire & Rescue, Homeland Security, FEMA, FBI, CIA


  • Production, Entertainment & Broadcast:  remote location power solutions, live productions, lighting, and post-production, real-time switching, out-of Band Access.


  • Small Task Oriented Vehicles:  golf cart battery systems, personal mobility, forklifts, port cranes,


  • Auxiliary Power Units in Transportation: RVs & Travel Trailers, marine applications (yachts & houseboat house power), beverage carts, mobile food vendors, auxiliary power for truck anti-idling apps, buses, etc.