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What is a capacitor?

A capacitor is an electrical component used to store energy. There are numerous types of capacitors but all consist of conductors separated by a dielectric (insulator). The energy is stored in an electrostatic field when a potential difference across the conductors develops.  This is caused from a positive charge collecting on one plate and a negative charge collecting on the other.

Since 1964 Custom Electronics has successfully designed and manufactured the highest quality custom reconstituted mica paper capacitors available. Our capacitors (>15,000 designs) are used in many of the most demanding applications imaginable. Historically, every one of our capacitor designs was tailor-made to meet a specific customer’s needs.

Our Mica Paper

At Custom, we use "Grade A" mica paper in our capacitors because it is an excellent dielectric. A dielectric is a material that does not conduct electricity, but one that can sustain an electric field in high-voltage capacitors. Mica paper consists of flexible, continuous and uniform layers of mica that are reconstituted or reformed into paper-like electrical insulating material composed of small, thin overlapping platelets. Custom's mica paper passes the most intensive series of quality checks in the industry. The result is high-voltage reconstituted mica paper capacitors that are used by leading high-tech companies for their space-age radar, missile, satellite, ignition, detonation, cryogenic, transmission, laser, medical and oil-and-gas exploration systems.

High Voltage / High Temperature Mica Capacitors

Capacitor Types

Custom Solutions

Designed to Best Fit Application

Variety of Packaging Options

Voltage Ratings: Up to 100kVdc

Capacitance Values: 10pf to 10µf

Temperature Range: -65°C up to 260°C

DC Pulse and AC Applications

KMS Series

Wrap and Fill Style

Axial Leads: Tin-Plated Solid Copper

Voltage Ratings: Up to 10kVdc

Capacitance Values:  Up to 1.0µf

Temperature Range : -65°C to 125°C


Wrap and Fill Style

Axial Leads: Solid Nickel

Voltage Ratings: Up to 5kVdc and 1kVac

Capacitance Values:  Up to 3.0µf

Temperature Range : -65°C to 175°C

KVX Series

High Rel Mica Paper

Leads: Tin-Plated Copper

Voltage Ratings: Up to 30kVdc

Capacitance Values:  Up to 6.8µF

Temperature Range : -55°C to 125°C

Exploding Foil Initiators / Exploding Bridge Wire Capacitors

Exploding Foil Initiators


Wrap and Fill Style

Tabbed Leads: Tin Plated Copper

 Voltage Ratings: 1500V, 2500V, 3500V

Capacitance Values:  .050µF - .25µF

Temperature Range : -55°C to 85°C


Surface Mount Package

Leads: Copper (Tin / Lead Plated)

Voltage Ratings: 1500V, 2500V, 3500V

Capacitance Values:  .050µF - .15µF

Temperature Range : -65°C to 85°C

Film Capacitors

Custom Electronics is now your source for high quality metallized polypropylene capacitors for the Power Electronics industry.  There is a wide range of values depending on the application and temperature ratings as high as 105°C.

Typical Capacitor Designs

  • High Current

  • High Voltage

  • DC Link

  • AC Designs

Typical Applications

  • Solar and Wind Power Inverters

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Motor Drives

  • Welders

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

  • Induction Heating

Standard products as well as customized designs are available with fast turn-around times.

For data sheets, visit our Oneonta Technologies, Inc. website:

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