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Custom makes high-voltage mica-paper capacitors, sub-assemblies and packages high-voltage modules for the world's leading companies in the missile-system, communication-satellite, medical-electronics, geophysical, and aerospace industries in the United States and abroad.

Our Products Are Typically Used In:
  • Power-Supply Systems for Communications and Weather Satellites

  • Transmitter Power-Supplies for Electronics Counter Measures (ECMs)

  • Detonating Devices for Exploding Foil Initiators (EFIs or EBWs) used in Electronics Safe Arm Devices (ESADs)

  • Unpackaged Breadboarding Circuitry

  • Pulse-Forming Networks for Radar Transmitters

  • Starters for Jet Ignition Systems

  • Power-Supply Systems for Military Aircraft

  • Guidance-System Transmitters for Missiles

  • Radar Transmitters for Shipboard Defense Systems

  • Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Power-Supplies for Radar Transmitters

  • Power-Supplies for Down-Hole Oil-and-Gas Exploration

  • Industrial Motor Drives

  • Energy Storage Units

  • Conventional or Renewable Energy Generation

  • Solar and Wind Power Inverters

  • PCB Stiffeners

  • Power Conditioning / Conversion/ Distribution

  • And Many More…

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