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Integrated Electronic Assemblies


Our module units typically consist of capacitors, resistors, diodes, coils, spark gaps, and voltage dividers, but can include practically any electronic device. After assembly, the components are encapsulated with our unique epoxies in molds or housings. Modules are suitable for high-altitude applications and a variety of environments. Terminations can include wire leads, threaded studs, turret terminals, high-voltage connectors, and high-voltage cable assemblies. Modules can have a variety of operating temperatures, depending on internal components, epoxy selection, and type of use.

CEI's high-temperature / high-voltage module capabilities were recently enhanced by the completion of a project supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Our modules can be designed to meet your most stringent electrical, environmental, and physical requirements.  We also assemble and encapsulate specialized low-voltage modules. If you have a multiple component assembly that you would like manufactured or a circuit design you need customized, please contact our sales department or visit our directory for a complete listing of our International Sales Representatives.

Typical Module Applications:

  • Power supplies for satellites

  • Radar and transmitter power supplies for military aircraft

  • Guidance system transmitters for missiles

  • Radar transmitters for shipboard defense

  • Power supplies for down-hole oil and gas exploration


  • Cost savings

  • Purchasing

  • Component inventory

  • Assembly

  • Testing

  • Reliability

  • Stringent incoming materials testing

  • Proven assembly methods

  • High-quality assurance testing

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