Manufacturing Capabilities

CEI manufactures high-voltage mica paper and specialty film capacitors, including tailored solutions to meet the rigorous demands of today's cutting-edge applications. We also provide powder coated and laminated bus bars as well as high voltage encapsulation services. Whether your needs are for military, industrial or commercial industry, renewable energy, aerospace, or oil exploration use, you can rely on CEI to meet your requirements with the outstanding workmanship for which we've become known for since 1964.

Our Make-to-Order Capabilities

Capacitor Winding

Epoxy Powder Coating




Arc Spraying


Subsonic Flame


Vacuum / Pressure


Abrasive Blasting / Tumbling


Thermocompression Bonding


PC Board Population and Design


Plasma Etching



  • Acid Etching

  • Plating

  • Machining

  • Brazing

  • Welding

Multi Component Assembly / Packaging


Prototype Development


Contract Manufacturing


Vacuum Encapsulation


Epoxy and Silicone Potting


Ink Jet Marking


Epoxy Ink Marking


Grit Blasting



  • Injection Molding

Electrical / Electronic Assembly


Printed Circuit Board Assembly


Printed Wiring Board Assembly


Manual Soldering (Including H.V)


Resistance Spot Welding


Wire Cutting / Stripping


Pretinning / Tinning


Helicoil Insertion


Confromal Coating


Solvent Cleaning

Accelerated Life


Partial Discharge


Capacitance and DF


Dielectric Withstanding Voltage


Insulation Resistance / Leakage




Thermal Cycling / Shock


Temperature / Cold Storage


High Altitude (Vacuum)





  • Shock and Vibration

  • Humidity / Immersion

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