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CEI, established in 1964, is a globally recognized manufacturer of top quality mica paper capacitors and tailored high-voltage assemblies. Our products are widely used throughout the military, commercial and industrial markets. Our outstanding workmanship and quality standards have made our name synonymous with the terms dependability, reliability and high-performance.

We custom design, manufacture, and support a wide variety of specialized, reliable, high-quality capacitors and electronic assemblies for the global commercial, medical, and defense markets. We will deliver these products at competitive prices with superior customer service.

Our Mission

About Custom Electronics, Inc.

Our Reputation

Custom is proud that our customers have recognized us as a "Top Manufacturer" on many occasions since 1964. We continue to earn this recognition because of our better than expected:

  • Product quality

  • On-time delivery

  • Technical expertise

  • Customer relations

  • Our Quality

Custom has professionals in a variety of disciplines.

Our engineers assure the best possible designs based upon the latest technological developments in materials, processes, and packaging. They interface with our customer's mechanical and electrical design personnel and produce optimum capacitor designs in minimum response time.

Our quality experts are involved in all stages of new product development to ensure delivery of the industry's finest products. This includes grading mica-paper, initial inspection of all incoming materials, and final inspection of finished parts.

Our testing professionals perform 100% inspection for capacitance, dissipation factor, and dielectric-withstanding voltage on both capacitor sections and finished parts. They also carry out insulation-resistance, AC and DC corona, burn-in, life-test, X-ray, and thermal-shock tests, if required.

Our research-and-development technicians constantly strive to develop materials and processes to meet the ever-evolving demands of high-voltage electronics. They continuously evaluate new and old materials, processes, techniques, and equipment, as well as create and evaluate new capacitor designs.

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