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Team CEI

Michael Pentaris (President and Chief Executive Officer)

An accomplished business leader with a proven track record of engineering business turnarounds and improving profitability, Michael is focused on increasing sales and establishing market leadership for CEI.


Michael has earned a reputation of being an effective negotiator with the ability to mobilize private and government investment sources. Upon joining CEI, he reorganized the company and introduced lean manufacturing methodologies, as well as established a business development department to focus on new products to fuel company growth.

He has both a bachelor’s degree in science and a master’s degree from Binghamton University.

Jonathan Dokuchitz (Board of Directors, Vice Chairman)

Since joining CEI in 2007, Jonathan has implemented LEAN principles, squarely focusing the company’s efforts on specifying value for the customer and streamlining the manufacturing process.

Jonathan’s two decades of work in the field of creative arts production provides him with a solid background for employee management and group wellness within the CEI community. As liaison to CEI’s human resources department, Jonathan strives to ensure quality of workplace while encouraging open communication. He also serves as CEI’s compliance officer for all military exports, and is responsible for ensuring strict compliance to ITAR, BIS and other government agencies.

Carol Brower (Vice President of Operations)

Carol has been with CEI for over two decades where she previously held the position of Materials and Logistics Manager. In her role as Vice President, Carol interfaces between senior leadership, business teams, and other stakeholders. She has expertise in planning, coordinating, and leading simultaneous projects to optimize productivity, efficiency, and resources to meet deadlines, budgets, and performance goals.

In 2007, Custom Electronics created Ioxus, an Ultracapacitor manufacturer in which she was instrumental in the setup of the new infrastructure including the supply chain, equipment acquisition and transport. Since then she has directed the acquisition of two additional businesses. Carol led the implementation and conversion to a new MRP system allowing for more streamlined processes focused around improving on-time delivery and material requisitions.  She continues to be instrumental in leading R & D and business partnerships with both industry and academia.

Michael Schulte (Sales Manager)

Michael has served the sales effort at CEI since 1985. During that time, he has been the sales and project leader for nearly all of CEI’s major customer accounts and programs, and he now directs the outside sales representatives program as well.  During his time at CEI, Michael has been instrumental in further extending CEI’s reach in key markets, including military, aviation and oil and gas exploration.

Throughout Michael's career he has been bringing his deep knowledge of needs to CEI customers across various industries to the product development process. He works directly with CEI engineers on design efforts and with manufacturing staff for production efforts.

Michael has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the State University of New York, Albany.

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