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Wrap and Fill

A step above Unencapsulated, Custom has been designing and manufacturing Tape Wrap or "Wrap and Fill" capacitors since the company's founding in 1964. Using Mylar® tape, Kapton® tape, or glass cloth tape as the "Wrap" and any number of epoxies as the "Fill," these reconstituted mica paper capacitors can be manufactured to meet your most stringent electrical, environmental, and physical requirements. Like unencapsulated capacitors, these units must be encapsulated for high-altitude applications. Custom's Wrap and Fill capacitors can be constructed with solder pad, threaded terminals, flat lead, or tab lead terminations. They have an operating temperature range of -65° to 125°C (for high voltage Wrap and Fill units rated to 175°C, see High Temperature Capacitors) and are available in the following configurations:

  • Single-Section Capacitors

  • Multi-Section Capacitors

  • Multi-Capacitor Assemblies

Basic Capacitor (Unencapsulated, Wrap and Fill) Performance Specifications

Capacitance Range:

  • 100 pF to several µF

Capacitance Tolerance:

  • Standard is ± 10 %. Tighter tolerances are available

Voltage Range:

  • 1 to 50 kVdc

Dissipation Factor:

  • 0.5 % Max at 25°C

  • 1 % Max at 125°C

Insulation Resistance:

  • 5,000 Megohm·µF Min at 25°C,

  • 25 Megohm·µF Min at 125°C

Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance:

  • + 5 % Max from 25°C to 125°C,

  • - 3% Max from 25°C to -65°C

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV):

  • Typically 110 % to 200 % of rated voltage for 15 to 60 seconds.

Environmental per MIL-STD-202:

  • Vibration per Method 201 and 204

  • Shock per Method 213

  • Thermal Shock per Method 107

  • Test Condition B (Wrap and Fill Only)

  • Humidity per Method 103,

  • Test Condition B (Wrap and Fill Only)

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